Moon International New Website

Moon International Launches All-New Website
January 7, 2011

In the fall of 2004, we opened the virtual doors on a brand new website. Along with a new cleaner look, the site debuted a new online edition of our product catalog, a limited portfolio and outline of our services. While it was a big step forward, we've always wanted to go even further in our online efforts, something we've come to realize in this ground-up re-imagination you're looking at now.

So what's new?

There's a wealth of new features, functionality and products on our new site. Here are some of the most important ones:

Easier to use:
With a brighter color palette, our new site is easier to read. And with a stronger emphasis on information, it's simpler than ever to find what you need to know.

More to see:
Our expanded range of sections now include a client list, an extensive photo gallery and information on our environmentally-friendly practices.

More products:
We've added dozens of new designs to our product catalog, resulting in a much more diverse selection to choose from. And as always, these can be customized beyond what's shown.

New products:
Not content with simply adding to what we've offered in the past, we've added brand-new product categories. Wall Lettering gives our clients a new stock option for ordering signage, and we're ushering in a new age of checkstand lights with our LED-based line of lighting solutions. But more on those later!

Make it yours:
We've come up with all-new stock options for Fonts & Colors that can be used to make any catalog item a custom one.

Built for the future:
From the layout itself to several backend improvements, we've laid the groundwork to make sure the site continues to evolve over time without adding any complexity for our visitors.